Waheguru — connecting with God

we live in a time where rather than wanting to learn, to love and inspire we target, hate and put individuals down. we are living in a time where God/ religion has become just a normal thing that people speak or preach on to seem like something, to come across as someone, not done with the right intentions not done with the intention of good but to put others down and where they are in their journey. be it any religion it teaches love, unity, truth, humanity and peace, but people focus less on what they can apply to themselves but more on what they can apply to someone else to put them in the wrong, here you become wrong.

if you want to start a journey with God start with knowing the following and the rest will come as a blessing from God – Hukam.

know God resides in all of us, the soul within is the light, some are distant because they are not wanting to learn about the greater truth at this current stage of life (everyone has their own time and journey, it can never be forced), their priorities may lay elsewhere, however the truth remains of there being that light within, when you are putting a individual down, speaking bad or treating someone wrong, you are causing distress and hurting the soul that resides within.

to gossip, to lie, to cheat will always keep you only at one place, every good you do, every prayer you recite will go in vain, for as long as the urge to do those things you will never feel clean, and this will become your barrier to connect with God as it is only possible with a clean heart and purity within you.

God sees everything, nothing is hidden from him. it is in human nature to hold things against each other but it is not in the nature of the higher truth the creator. you may feel you’re doing wrong, you’ve done wrong, don’t hold it in your mind that you will be punished and distance away from God, seek guidance to do what is right, pray to be on the right path, when your intentions are pure, God answers as a friend right by your side at that exact time.

when you start connecting with God you start feeling and experiencing he is always nearby listening to everything you’ve got to say.

suffering is not created by God, when we are distant from the truth we believe what we are going through is suffering, when we are connected with God we see the beauty of what God himself has created. a lot of suffering comes from our minds, the decisions we make, the egos we have created therefore on the journey of connecting these things we leave behind and come to know the greater truth, truth that is above our imaginations, beauty that is yet unseen by us, light that we have not faced yet, love that we have not felt yet.

finding God isn’t hard, as he is within all along, it’s finding yourself in this world that is difficult, the outside make us distant, unknown, and more into things that will never bring anything to us, do us no good, will only be cause of troubles and hardships yet the outside looks more glory than the light within that can give you happiness for a lifetime.

everything we earn, make or create in this world is false, there is only one that is true but only a few have turned it around for themselves to know, to walk, and proceed the journey of being one with the creator.

having found the truth won’t mean you won’t ever face a hard time or struggle, you will, but it will pass like it never happened, you’ll find the right people by your side, you’ll see a path that leads you to a better place, the right opportunities will come your way. no matter what is happening in your life, how up and down it is, you will always find yourself calm and at peace with yourself.

those around you will always feel your positive and loving energy that comes from within, and you will always be attracting the same energy from others, you will find yourself in a circle that feels real, that promotes growth and positivity in you. the beauty of connecting with God is endless, no one blog will do it any justice, a lifetime wouldn’t do any justice because it is beyond all that can be said.