You are either here because it’s you, you have a hating nature or you’re surrounded by those who do. Even better you could be here because you like reading my blogs, or you could be the perfect individual for this blog post because you’re here keeping an eye on me and what I write but not with so much joy or excitement in your heart but to find something to talk or hate on. However, I say with great joy that I don’t feel that’s any of you, but if those words hit home then welcome I hope you find something, learn something.

Having any kind of negative emotions is very toxic for not only our minds but bodies too. One of the worst emotions to feel is hate for another. Sometimes you could even feel this way when you don’t want to, it’s an emotion you can’t seem to control the person might be at fault but to carry negativity isn’t the answer. Say someone’s caused you pain or has done something wrong to you, right way to go about that is not to teach that person a lesson or spend every minute burning with hate from everything this individual does. Forgive, and remove this person from your life.

Ever sensed hate off someone and all of a sudden you feel negative emotions towards that person too? Just because you have a problem with them having a problem with you when you haven’t done or said anything to this person? If you ever feel this way, either make sure you are not someone who’s going to be affected by this or if you are then know to stay at a distance with this person.

Never answer hate with hate, be the bigger and smarter person. You will never be the smart one if you respond with the negativity back as you are putting yourself in that poor mindset, you are shifting away from that ‘good feeling’ towards things in your life. After this act, you will feel down about other things in your life too because you held onto a negative emotion and put your energy into sending it back. That’s how it works, be it positivity or negativity.

You aren’t the cause of anyone’s hating nature, you are not the problem it’s them. Peoples insecurities force them to be that way towards others, what they can’t or wouldn’t do they don’t want you to do either. If they aren’t confident in themselves they will come find faults in you too, to feel better about themselves. If they hold an opinion they go about it as that being the right opinion. They won’t respect you being open minded if their mind does not allow for them to think in that way.

Some things you just can’t change or control, it is out of our control how someone feels towards us but understand it does not in any way mean that you should stop being yourself or doing the things you are based on this. If you’re doing something, you’re doing it with the confidence that is within you, don’t ever stop for individuals who lack self-love and confidence. Hate might be the start but that doesn’t mean it can’t end with you becoming an inspiration for them.


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