MENTAL HEALTH (must read for anyone struggling)

you’re there surrounded by people your smiling your laughing it looks like what one would call a good time but within you’re feeling so lonely. everyone around is showing so much love to you but you’re feeling drained and broken because of one individual or that one thing that doesn’t stop playing in your mind. you don’t want to say a word to anyone about how you’re feeling inside because they’d distance themselves away from you because they might think how ungrateful you are of them. now you’re in a space where you feel you’re wrong, that it’s you being difficult questioning your own self why am I like this or why is this happening to me why can’t I just be happy why can’t I just enjoy the moment and energy around me. you break down. no one gets to see or know of the way you cry in pain. a very dark night it is then comes the sunrise bringing a new day, yes new day but it starts the exact same way and ends with a dark night again. you’ve come this far reading relating and feeling every word very deeply, I wrote this just to let you know there are people who understand. you aren’t wrong, you aren’t difficult or any other negative emotion you feel. It’s okay to feel this way it’s not your fault we all take time to heal and what helps heal faster from things that hurt us is speaking up, to speak of what we feel within to speak and to be heard in return.


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