Feeling lonely

Hey my lovely fam of positivity with Ramjot!

How are you all? Please feel free to tell me by commenting on this blog or direct messaging me on Instagram would love to hear from you. I honestly love writing blogs and I could literally write out my thoughts on anything you guys wanted me to so if there is a specific topic you’d just like my view or say on let me know because otherwise I don’t really know what kind of stuff you’d all be interested in reading.

Right, lets end that there and get on with this blog really don’t want to be boring you all lol.

Feeling lonely.

Now I can write on this because I’ve felt this, so having felt it for myself I’d like to be there for one of you who is feeling lonely right now or does time to time. First of all when do we feel lonely? We tend to feel lonely when the people we give so much to aren’t there for us, or when we expected someone to be there and they aren’t, when we express our feelings to someone and they aren’t able to understand or lastly when we have all the people in our life but none we really want to share our feelings with? or bother them, I tend to most of the time not share how I’m feeling or when I’m struggling because I don’t want to put any weight on their shoulders, I don’t want anyone to be in an uncomfortable situation because of me.. worrying about me but at the same time I’d love someone to be there for me. I want the kind of people around who genuinely want to know if I’m okay, who check up on me out of their own willingness. I love and appreciate them kind of humans! And never do I forget them doing that, I call that going out your way for someone you care about, yet it’s something so simple to do within seconds you’ve made someone’s day!

I’m that kind of person who does this. I have this rule with myself, if I want to be treated a certain way I must be that person first. I must be doing what I want others doing for me. Even if I see no one doing it for me, I’m going to stick to that because I truly believe what you give you eventually receive in abundance.

Now moving on to what can you do to not feel lonely? Firstly, don’t tell yourself you’re wrong for how you’re feeling, don’t ever go on the path of trying to fault yourself. Always be loving towards yourself, always try to figure out what it is making you feel the way you are. If it’s your friends failing to be there for you, how is that at all your fault? It can be wrong friends, ‘friends’ who don’t actually have your best interest. You need to stick up for yourself not change yourself to still fit in to those kinds of friends. Sometimes, we’re just feeling very low and we have no idea why we’re just unhappy for maybe no reason what so ever, at this point it still isn’t your fault, if you got a best friend you can straight up just say to I’m not happy and I don’t know why, GREAT if not then having some time to yourself is very beneficial too. You and I both need that kind of time to have a look at everything, to see our life as it is and work out what we want from life. What is the one thing that if was in your life it would make you happy instantly. Being alone is only negative till you think of things negatively, when you find faults in yourself. Learn to love yourself and think of everything in the right way. What is the right way? Right way is thinking of things that would make you happy, what you need at that moment that would help you. That’s what helps, being aware of ourselves and what we’re surrounded by.

Lastly if you’re in a place you just cannot think right, then never be afraid to reach out to someone your heart says you should reach out to. The reason your heart and minds telling you to message someone is because that is the person you know can help you, make you feel better. Never, I mean never ignore that voice, do it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, I type as I think that’s how I blog and I hope you’re able to take something away from that.

Lots and lots of love




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