Do I want to do this as my profession? #RAISEYOURVOICE

Hey my lovelies!

This blog is inspired by a question I got asked after I posted a blog update on my Instagram story “do you want to do this as a profession?” I replied to that and didn’t think nothing of it till now it crosses my mind again. First of all let’s cover why I do or am able to write posts and do everything I do e.g. writings posts on Instagram and recently recording and posting podcasts on SoundCloud, if you read my blogs or follow me you know I’ve had a surgery on my leg and am in a frame so currently I’m out of work. If it was up to me, I’d still be making it to work and showing off my frame there lol but my parents aren’t keen on that idea for my safety. You can’t really argue with that can you, it kind of makes sense right and seems like a very mature and sensible decision.

That leaves me being at home rather than just focusing on myself and recovering I’m also using my time to help people be positive, help people in general and motivate you lovely beings out there. Seriously, if I can make helping people my profession, it’d be a dream job for me yes I love it that much. I honestly believe my purpose here is to do that, that’s not me just trying to come across as someone great (does it even come across like that or am I slyly trying to feed that to your brain haha) joke aside, it’s hard to keep up with something you’re only trying to please people with or trying to win an audience, doing it again and again without fail and knowing the happiness you get from it is real. How this idea of turning what I enjoy into profession will work? I don’t know and I haven’t thought about it, I’m just doing what I can right now with whatever I have.

But another thought that comes to mind and I wanted to cover in this blog (if you’re still here…) this is what we all should be doing? I’m just out here expressing my feelings, thoughts and beliefs in another word raising my voice. We all have a voice, we all have interests, we all have stories, why do we all stay so silent on them? Why do we feel scared to speak up? That is what I want to help change. I want more voices, what you feel or have to say is so powerful you have no idea how your voice could be helping hundreds of people soon turning into thousands! You never know these days!

Never think you’re a nobody, among people like you and me are people who are someone so highly looked at today. I would really like you to give that a thought and think is there anything you could do to add to these voices that you seem to be getting inspired by? aren’t you an inspiration yourself? I believe you are. Once you just embrace that thought, you’ll start doing things differently in your life and I can’t wait for that!





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