Natural beauty vs lip fillers botox

Hello my beautiful readers!

I’m about to touch on a topic which can be a touchy one, I am not writing this to offend anyone. I just want to talk on this to share my opinion hoping it will make someone accept themselves and feel beautiful just the way they are.

I see so many people getting lip fillers, which I’m sorry to say but have gone awfully wrong where they looked incredibly beautiful they now look not that “nice”. It has a lot to do with who you go to as well I’m sure, so if you are going to get it done make sure you do a lot of research and find the right person to do it. If you do have small lips, and they are your facial feature of insecurity then by all means, but I notice near enough EVERYONE getting it done and it is so obvious now to tell from their pictures. As much as I’d love to love the whole trend I can’t because it’s making some people look hideous, I feel bad for using that word but I’m going to, because you don’t need that big of lips to look attractive which everyone now days think you do.

Lip fillers are just one of the things I’m choosing to name and talk on, people are getting so much done to their face, I’m not against it. Anyone who wants to do anything to their face, go ahead. I’m against the message it’s sending out to EVERYONE else that, that’s how you need to look now to be attractive.

We’re all slowly thanks to social media are moving further and further away from self-love, and accepting ourselves for who we are. I wish more people were comfortable in their own skin, and that’s the message they sent out to the rest of us, I hope that was what we were being inspired by.

None the less, if you’re still reading you and me both are someone or somewhere believe in natural beauty and even if the two of us were to embrace that we could at least inspire 3 if not 5 people to be comfortable in their own skin, I’m keeping the numbers small, who knows how many people we inspire on daily basis. It’s sad that we feel and think a lot of things, but we don’t speak on it we don’t raise our voice. It’s opinion, everyone is entitled to their opinion. This opinion, could mean a lot to someone whose struggling with accepting themselves or not feeling good enough the way they are. If you’re this person then I ask you, how much have you embraced yourself for you to create a thought in your head that you’re not beautiful enough? what happened so bad that you thought you’re not beautiful? which comment did you receive that made you lose confidence? I doubt that’s the experience, the experience is just social media and the “perfect” photos, faces, and bodies.

Start posting more of yourself, because YOU are the definition of beautiful.





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