Hello my lovelies!
Who even remembers my blog? I kind of forget all about it too! But today I thought I’d do a little up date on why I’ve been away from my blog and what has been going on in my life. This might not sound exciting to you but very exciting for me, I had my second big surgery in November. Yes, surgeries are very hard, and a tough period but a blessing for me. I mention about my health, but have never spoken about it fully, or share that side of things. I rave about positivity 24/7 because that’s how/who I am, I don’t let downs of life get to me, I say downs but you’d be shocked how I don’t consider any time of my life as that.

I have never spoke or shared pictures of my surgeries thinking I don’t want it to come across as attention seeking. I have never wanted to do anything for attention, hence although a very BIG part of my life I have been very quiet about it. However now it’s about time I change my thinking and move forward, you guys read my writings on Instagram, you guys all see me motivate you to follow your dreams in life. If you guys knew just who and where these messages were coming from they’d have much bigger influence on you, so I believe.

Being born with a condition that paralyses your muscles, I have faced not so “nice” life experiences with doctors. At one point being told there’s nothing that can make my condition better or being told I will not be able to walk. Now I’m sure you can imagine just how I must have felt or one must feel if they ever hear those words at a very young or at any age. But I wasn’t the one to listen in to what doctors had to say, I believed in myself. Which I believe is bigger than any power in this universe except God. God plays the entire part in all of this I have to say, this strength has to be his blessing or how is it possible, to be so brave? to take all of this on your shoulders and still smile?

But I did.

I want this blog to be very short, I don’t want to take a lot of your time reading. From the age of 1 and half I’ve been taken to god knows how many doctors, no one really showing much hope. When I turned 18/19, I made it my dream to get better. I started going after doctors, finding a way, because never did I once think this is my condition, this is how I must live. No. Nor did I hate life, nor did I question God, nor was I ever without a smile.

Long story short, I found a doctor to make my condition better at the age of 21, someone who finally said yes to operating me and that I CAN get better. I was happy, not once did I feel the fear of undergoing such a big surgery. Here I share just two pictures from my first operation (November 2015), they’re not the nicest pictures or one you’re use to seeing on my Instagram.

I was in this frame for 4 months, hospitalised. I was away from my parents and brothers for whole 4 months. It took a whole year to fully recover after my discharge. Oh, and would you believe it 2 years after my first operation I was brave enough to do it all over again! knowing exactly what I went through the first time round. I hadn’t forgot about the crying and screaming in agony day and night but that meant nothing in front of a dream I had seen for myself.

Currently in a frame (different to the one above), recovering and waiting for it to finally come off which will be in July hopefully before my birthday, seriously praying for that. I won’t speak on the pain, pictures above do the talking for that. I have to walk in this frame, do everything with this frame which has 13 metal pins going into my leg that will all be removed in July. I have to sleep straight on my back but finally after months I have gotten use to doing that and getting some sleep. Life couldn’t be better right now, everything’s going my way. I am ever so grateful to God. I don’t have a single thing to complain about in life, I never have. I am so happy with life. It really saddens me to see some of my followers or close ones struggling in life, I’ve made my writing a way to try show them a different way of looking at life and problems. Everything comes down to our mind-set, we can change our lives with just our mind.

My dream was never impossible, yours isn’t either. It would have been if I hadn’t tried/fought or simply gave up, end of the day I’ve been “suffering” from the start, it was enough to have me give up but I believed in myself. I don’t want you to miss out on what you’re capable of achieving. I don’t want you to miss out on a whole different world just because of a mind that’s influenced by negativity. I’m here trying to change your mind and I believe in myself that I can do that too.




  1. may god bless souls like you. keep sharing positive stuff. pain is where bliss could be elt. sufering is where minds evolve to higher conscience. this is your time to burn like gold nd soon ur sura will shine like it.


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