Five things to stop today

Self doubt

Beginning with you, this is something you need to stop right this minute. No good is ever going to come to you this way; you with your negative thoughts are calling in for more negativity. Just because you are thinking something doesn’t mean it’s true, what ever it is that you are allowing to hold you back may even be speaking of strength and beautiful to others but you’ll never find out because you yourself are limiting your own worth.


I can’t stand it, as simple as that. I don’t like people who complain, why should you complain? There is so much to feel happy and appreciative towards. You are choosing the easy step instead of solving the problem or thinking about how you can make something better. You want to feel good but you are the one pushing away the good-by focusing on the bad. Some things in life you will find are out of your control, what is in your control is to show gratitude towards the things you do have, things that have worked out or are going to plan.


Guilty. I’m a very positive individual however I have to admit having that one day during some point in the month where I worry about things that I can even say are pointless and meaningless. I can assure you all the things you worry about are just as pointless and meaningless. Why do we all of a sudden stick around one topic or thought like our whole life depends off it, certainly doesn’t. Move away from your worries, stop trying to create troubles of your own, create happiness.

Trying to be someone else

It is perfectly positive to admire others but you should never try to be them take it as inspiration. There’s a reason we don’t all look the same or think the same. We all have a lot to offer, we are all very unique and bring out perfection differently. Why be someone else when you can be admired for being you. Don’t go after and choose failure when success is written for you.

Pointing your finger at others

When you go to point your finger at others, you are the one lacking. People tend to find faults in others in order to hide theirs but what good is that going to bring to you? You are taking negativity in your own hands to put someone else down but it won’t be them to be effected it will be you. Be it positivity or negativity the only person it’s going to come right back at is you. If you find yourself questioning why life or people treat you the way they do, take a moment to think about your actions and if they don’t make you happy change them today.


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