I feel drained

Right at this point in my life there is something that’s completely draining my energy; obviously I can’t mention what exactly as this is public I wouldn’t say I’d get in trouble but just not something I want to put out there yet. Talking on that topic, I’m sure there’s something doing the exact same to you. So rather than me thinking and trying to change things for myself, why not do this together? Also writing really helps me and it’s something you should try too, writing your emotions out how you’re feeling does you the world of good, it allows you to connect with yourself it gives you a power that no one can take away from you.

When you feel drained, you want to give up, the energy around you feels negative, you find yourself not socializing, you feel as if its you that’s on pause and the rest of the world is playing. You’re right; it doesn’t feel good at all. Why am I feeling that way and why are you? When we are completely in control of our lives. Why aren’t we just letting go or walking away? Oh because things in the real world don’t work like that and sometimes there is more to think about. Now as hard as it can be walking away from things that don’t make you feel good, it is something you got to do but going back to my real world comment it isn’t so easy. I know what I’m talking about and I know I can’t just walk away. That leaves me with the question well what can I do then? I also know the answer to that but I don’t seem to be implying it as good as I should and I know you aren’t either.

The answer is to be yourself positive and motivated, change the energy to good, do things that make you happy, go after things that you actually want etc.

The real problem and the only problem is why aren’t we doing this? What is keeping us back, it’s a stand that we aren’t taking for ourselves, we know what we want but we have an energy or fear within ourselves that stops us doing or having what we want. It’s lack of love. I have learnt to love myself, I can talk about myself for hours I have got to know myself but I still have a part of me that still hasn’t learnt to love, it holds me back. I am capable of achieving absolutely anything that I want and no one or anything is ever keeping me back apart from myself.

The next time you feel drained remember the fight is with yourself.



3 thoughts on “I feel drained

  1. you’re one really, beautiful lady! would you mind, if i well wanted to write you a poem on my blog? i’m srijan! nice to meet you!


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