Believe in your vision

This day last year I sat in front of a doctor crying my eyes out not being able to get one word out of my mouth making my family tear up as well so scared to hear “no” again knowing how much I want this and the same day all my fears left me the faith I’ve carried with me for years paid off I saw a dream coming true finally. I will always remember this day. Never let anything break you never give up. Only you can make your dreams come true and if you don’t believe in your dreams or have faith in them no one else will too. Hold a fight so strong that people and situations have to give in to you not the other way round. Why should you give up on things you know you deserve, God made you so perfect but also gave you something to fight for he didn’t do anything to see you falling or failing he did it to awake a strength in you. REMEMBER you are blessed every single day. Every day gives you the chance to stand up stronger; this strength is going to give so much in return to you. You won’t ever have to think you’re any less than anyone else this strength will make you wish the world for people around you things like jealously and hatred won’t be any of your emotions. You will empower the people around you to make them fight too and go out their way to achieve their dreams. Give a meaning to your name have the power in your name that when someone brings up your name in their head the words are strength, positivity and motivation. Be that person to tell the world no, this hasn’t got to be this way I can achieve this and I will.


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