Love yourself

Love yourself. I will write blog on blog to tell YOU to love yourself. There will be no one who will know you better than you do. There will be no one to know exactly what you want and whom you are like you will. What is stopping you from loving yourself? Is it that you are giving in to what people believe about you or is it a fear of not knowing how people will accept you for who you are? STOP these people seem like a big part of our lives, we feel like we’d be lost or alone without these people in our lives but you are forgetting the right people, true friends and a family through thick and thin don’t judge you. If people back away, let them that is where your journey begins. Give a chance to the right people to come in to your life, people who bring out the best in you. Never stand in a crowd, as good as it seems to have handful of friends, they do nothing for us. You are born to stand out not to stand in a crowd. You have everything to be successful, within you; you have the courage to make your dreams come true. The only thing stopping you is the lack of love you have towards yourself. Love who you are, fall in love with your flaws. There is no one else who can be YOU. Accept your uniqueness.


2 thoughts on “Love yourself

  1. Hey! Thanks for writing again. You’re truly a powerful person. You’re a unique person and everything you write about makes me think. I have never loved myself growing up and I have always used that negativity to push myself in life. I never really experienced true happiness and the negativity pushed to me to be a truly successful person. Despite, using the negativity for success I know it’s not a healthy habit and it feels like your blog is helping me find happiness.

    Hey I hope you continue writing! You truly have a fan and I’m sure more will follow. It’s easy to tell that you are a truly beautiful and pure individual.


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