How do others get more than me?

You’re probably reading this blog because that is how you feel “how do others get more than me?” Do you ever see people getting things so easily than you? Are you putting in all the hard work and you feel someone else just has it served right in front of him or her? Well I will tell you two SIMPLE reasons for why they might be succeeding and you struggling.

  1. Positivity – While you hold others as your competitors, the other person is inspired by another’s success or how well they are doing. They are using their energy in a positive light towards them.
  2. Gratitude – While you are stressing so much about what you want to do or achieve, the other person is just enjoying the day being thankful for what they have. Showing gratitude gives you more, while stressing will only give you more things to stress about.

Positivity and Gratitude are really important on day-to-day basis. This hasn’t got to be about achieving anything, this can be you just wanting your day to be good. And for that all you have to do is use your energy being positive and grateful, you will see how your day and the things around you change. Lets be real say your having a terrible day while positivity and gratitude will up your mood, It won’t magically turn your day around however it will magically make your week ahead a good one, expect to receive a good news, someone to make you smile or achieve something you’ve wanted.

Positivity and Gratitude won’t take anything away from you, it will only add to your happiness and success.


One thought on “How do others get more than me?

  1. hello, beautiful! so, well i’m sorry, i didn’t wait for your permission, and well i wrote you a lil poem on my blog! i’m writing here after like two weeks, and i just had to write for you, because i find you beautiful! hope you didn’t mind!


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