Chase your dreams | losing “friends”

In the last 3 years (or more)  a lot has changed with me in those years I’ve become very distanced from people. The friends I did have I no longer do and not because of any bad situations or anything. Even today we still wish each other happiness and have love for one and another whether we talk or not. We all at some point in life face a time where we’ve been hurt and that hurt somewhere leads to just wanting to be alone in fear of being hurt again, we start distancing ourselves even from the people who actually love us and that is basically what happened with me.

In those years all I wanted to do was focus on myself. I have to say I’ve come a long way. Every thought I carried of achieving, I have achieved. Whether that was getting an operation, a job or things like passing my driving test. I still have a very long way to go but I’ve made a start towards chasing my dreams. I want you to do the same, you might have been hurt but don’t let it break you. I want you to think of everything you want to achieve and give all your attention towards that. Don’t even once think or let someone tell you that something is out of your reach or is impossible to achieve. I can tell you, nothing is. You can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind on. Believe me, having spent my whole life fighting with my health and being refused by every doctor possible that there was nothing to help me, I’ve gone and proved it wrong. I am in a much better position, in a position where doctors had refused me to be. I have to do a whole blog on my health one day but that isn’t something I want to do yet, I haven’t fully achieved my goal and when I do it’ll be out there to be someone’s motivation to never give up. If I could change anything about the past years it would be having thought of more things I wanted to achieve because today I’d have them too.

Now putting all that aside, when we decide to concentrate on ourselves we start losing people, whether that’s friends or family. We don’t always get the support or are understood enough and that is one of the reasons I see people just going along with the flow of others rather than doing what they want to do because they don’t want to lose people. If you’re one of them, STOP. You’re not losing on people you’re losing a day towards your dreams. When you want to chase your dreams some people will leave and when you’ve achieved your dreams the same people will want to know you again. You don’t require such people in your life you are better off without them. The RIGHT people will always be by your side and they are the ones you should be calling friends/family.

Having gone through a time where I’ve been so antisocial and wanted no one on my journey, I’ve had my best friend put up with me. I am so grateful to have a best friend that hasn’t left me for even one day in those 3 years when all I was doing was pushing away. Don’t ever be scared to lose people, if they really care and love you they will be with you every step of the way. Love and show your appreciation towards the people who stick by you. You will never be alone on your journey, you will always find at least one person start of your journey or somewhere in-between who will really understand you for who you are and push you to achieve every dream of yours from small to big.

Chase your dreams and the rest will all fall in place itself in ways you hadn’t even imagined.


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