Healthy glowing skin

Who doesn’t want a healthy glowing skin? I think we all do but we don’t always get it right when trying to achieve that. We do worsen our skin using too many products and also continuously changing our skin care products does no good to our skin. I only use two products on my face currently one is mentioned on a previous blog Get rid of acne marks and one I’m about to mention now, cocoanut oil. There’s such a big hype on cocoanut oil everywhere. Cocoanut oil is used and good for a lot of things but this blog is only on using it as face oil. Using oil in your skin care routine is a MUST. If you’ve got dry skin then of course it is going to do a world of good in moisturising your skin and if you’ve got oily skin it’s the same for you. Yes, I at first too believed if you’ve got oily skin you shouldn’t use oil on your face as it will only break you out and I was wrong.

Now before I ever came across cocoanut oil on the Internet, it was actually my best friend that had recommended to me. I’d say this was over a year back and I was really struggling with my skin and I was told to give cocoanut a go as it had really helped my best friends mum enormously in clearly her skin. I was convinced right away! However it didn’t work for me at the time. I didn’t like the look, the feel well anything. Now I realise I was using it wrong, now this might sound silly but all I was doing was applying it to my face and that’s it. What is an ideal way to use cocoanut on your face is by rubbing it on your hands first, then tapping the oil all over your face and start massaging the oil into your skin. Don’t put oil directly on to your face it won’t work unless you don’t mind looking as if you’ve just dipped your face in oil. Please do start with a small quantity and build it up, once you start using oil on your skin more frequently, your skin gets use to it. You will start noticing the oil sinks right into your skin, not even being able to tell you’ve applied oil on your face.

I have been using cocoanut oil on my face religiously lately, honestly couldn’t say how much I love it. It gives my skin such a healthy glow and also whenever I do put on makeup it looks flawless. Give it a go!



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