Writing a blog on depression is hard for me as I’m writing something to those who are fighting with depression. To me it’s a very hurtful thought, I can understand how depression can take over your life and make it seem like it’s just not worth it. I don’t know how good my words are going to be but this is my attempt to tell you..

You’re normal; there is nothing wrong with you. You are in fact like everyone else, your mind right now is controlling how you feel, it’s controlling how you see life and feel about yourself. Don’t cut yourself away from people on how you’re feeling, you should and CAN speak to someone. Depression, just the word we a lot of time hide from people, we are scared to say we are going through depression. You shouldn’t be, you’re an amazing person and life itself has a million opportunities waiting for you, you need to find a way out of this. YES, there is a way out of this, take the first step by accepting you’re going through a very shattering time and speak to someone. Reach out to anyone, they will say something even one word that’ll make you feel better. It’s not about how much someone can help you, you being able to accept and come out with it is what’s remarkable.

You’re not alone in your struggles, although right now it is how you feel. You’re there with a million negative thoughts crossing your mind every minute; you’re completely unaware of the people who admire you. There’s your friends and family that love you a lot, they may be seeing you not be yourself and taking it to be just a bad day, give the people who care for you a chance to help you. Don’t let your thoughts control you; your thoughts want to knock you down completely. Your thoughts right now just want you to believe something about yourself or your life that is NOT true. What ever it is that got you in this, there is a way out. There’s endless amount of opportunities and happiness waiting with open arms for you. Just one little step towards positivity will be able to help you.

That little step is you making yourself aware of your own strengths. There’s something special about you that makes you, YOU. Putting your horrible, heart-breaking struggles to a side, there are so many things you are blessed with. I promise you, you have something that someone in this world is fighting day and night for. They wish they were blessed with it as easily as you was. We can look at life positively and live a very happy life or we can forever question ourselves on the bad things that have happened to us. You are so strong just take one moment to say it to yourself. Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror; do you not see a beautiful soul looking back at you? Asking you to break the thread of all the negative thoughts in your mind.

If you’ve come this far reading please know, I don’t know whom you are but I have endless amount of love for you, and I know your future is so bright. One day, you will look back at the struggles you’re facing now and carry it as your biggest strength.


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