How to stay motivated

It becomes so hard to stay motivated when you’re facing tough situations, have a lot going on around you or when you don’t see the results. While you have a lot of negativity waiting to surround you on every chance it gets, you need to know how to stay motivated. Here are just a quick few things that can help!

Real friends

How many of us have friends that we open up to and their response is along the lines of understanding you, telling you the path you’ve chosen is hard and maybe you should re-think. These aren’t friends this is someone telling you to give up as soon as they got the chance to. You need someone who understands your struggles but reminds you of your dream, who tells you time and time again that it might seem tough now but just think of your happiness when you achieve your goal. You need friends that push you to achieve. Sometimes when we have a break down all we need to hear from someone is “you CAN DO IT!” and if you’re not hearing it from your “friends” then believe me you are better off without them.

Block out negativity

The easiest thing to fall into when we don’t feel motivated is negativity and we don’t seem to realise how that distances us from our goals even more. Negativity is what all of sudden makes us feel better; we react and feel all those negative people out there and what they have to say. Train your mind to promote more positivity when you’re struggling, as silly and impossible as it sounds it can be done and it works! Positivity makes you feel good from within, no matter how you are currently feeling as soon as you divert your attention towards positivity; you’ll find a way out of what ever it is that you’re struggling with.

Don’t let stress build up

Does listening to music cheer you up? Does a long walk calm you down? Do you find watching your favourite TV shows relaxing? Does spending time with your family/friends or partner make you happy? Rather than being down or continuously fighting with your own thoughts, just do what you love to do. Don’t worry about what’s just happened or what it is not going right. On a day-to-day basis there will be a lot of things to worry about and if that is all we keep dwelling on, we will never be able to relax our minds, we will only attract more worries.

Vision board/Notes

Vision boards are so popular, which I need to look into creating myself one day. Create a vision board of all that you want to experience, achieve and your dreams. It will be your vision; it will be there to remind you exactly what you want from your life. If you’re not a fan of creating a vision board or don’t have the time, go into your notes on your phone and type it all out. It will only take you a few minutes or less. Always have some sort of source to remind you what you want, so that when you fall you know exactly why you need to get back up on your feet.


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