Take a moment

This blog is for those sweet souls that are just honestly nothing less than amazing. Those people who take their time out to compliment someone, to say they look good or appreciate the work they are doing. Honestly, your compliment means a lot to that person, if they are having a bad day you’ve just gone and put a smile on that persons face. If they’re feeling doubtful on what they are doing, you’ve just gone and given them that confidence and motivation to carry on.

Not just how you’ve made them feel, take a second to think how it made you feel? I know when I compliment someone or their work it makes me feel good as a person, I love seeing people do what they love and being themselves. I want to see people succeed. I know my compliment to some are going to mean a lot and to some, it’s just going to be like all the other compliments they receive. However they do see it and its better to spread positivity and good vibes rather than negativity.

“The best feeling of happiness is when you are happy because you’ve made someone else happy”

Now also this isn’t just about how they feel or how you feel. It’s about how you’ve used your energy to spread love, how you’ve taken a moment to spread positivity. This is what will bring love and positivity in your day ahead. We don’t attract what we want we attract what we give.

Take a moment to spread love, kindness, positivity and happiness.



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