Positivity vs Reality

We all want to be positive and only think about the good, good happening to us but we all somewhere get lost and go on the opposite route instead. Route of negative thoughts, thinking about all that we shouldn’t.

I hear from people all the time, you can’t be positive; you have to look at things realistically. What I don’t understand is how does positive mean unrealistic. This is a clear sign of negativity, you either need to take time and sprinkle them with good thoughts or you need to hear it from one ear and have it out the other, if you can walk away then GREAT!

Some people seem to think if you promote the POSITIVE LIFE you can’t be sad/down? We are all human, we all have feelings, and we all have a break down point. But the ones who promote and have the positive mind-set will be the ones that will by end of the day if not sooner find a solution or see it as an eye opener to the greater things in life. You need to be that PERSON.

You need to be so strong as a person that means having confidence in yourself, loving who you are. Have so much motivation in you, no matter what happens it should motivate you to try again or do more. If you want to look at it realistically, your thoughts straight away will build an image in your head on why you can’t or “it isn’t for me”, which isn’t true. You just have to take the first step; you might fall a few times but learn from them falls so that you get up on your feet stronger.

Build yourself up, It doesn’t matter what the people around you believe as long as you believe in yourself.




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