Get rid of acne marks

This blog is a little different from my usual but those suffering with bad acne or who just seem to get breakouts here and there, you guys know how stressful it can be not just to deal with acne but the marks it leaves behind. Honestly, it really starts to affect you when you are continuously fighting the same battle to just have clear skin. We can’t be stressing! I’ve been trying to get clear skin for three years now; I wouldn’t be lying when I say I irritated my skin to breakouts even more while trying to clear it. I think we’ve all been there. When you have so many products out there, you just don’t know which one is actually going to help and make a difference. Most of the time we are just wasting money on things that do nothing to our skin.

Last year I decided to buy La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo[+] – £15.50 and I’ve repurchased it 4 times already.

I’d like to tell you that I’m the sort of person who has no patience with seeing results; I can’t be waiting around for it to work its magic. Repurchasing I don’t do very often with skin care, some of the things I buy just lay around untouched.

Now going back to the cream itself, I LOVE it. If you want to try out a new cream or are looking for something to help your acne blemishes then GIVE THIS A TRY! I say acne blemishes because it claims to fight against the appearance of marks and is clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes which it does, but not just that it really has helped me out with the breakouts as well. Using this cream has kept me away from breakouts and in clearing them along with fighting against my marks. In which you just can’t go wrong!

I personally think it’s very affordable for what it does from the very first application.

“Use: Apply morning and/or evening on the whole face.” I have been applying this cream on my face at night before bed that is just how I preferred to. It is a gel-cream texture, very light on the skin, perfect for oily skin as it controls the appearance of shine. I have used it before applying make up and had no problems with it but personally I’ve just loved using it on a clean face before going to bed.

You can buy it from Boots!

If you will be ordering it online then I suggest you check it out on as sometimes they have their 15/25% off on skin care and all other products. If not, you still get it on free delivery as it will be over £15 I’ve always been very happy with deliveries from feel unique, there’s no waiting around or chasing them for your orders.

I really hope this helps someone out there like it has helped me x


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