Hatred for others

You know that person you don’t like? That person who you always have something negative to say about or speak about, do you know they are actually doing so well for themselves. While you are focused on them they’re focused on doing what makes them happy. No matter who you are and who they are, they’re the one really living their life how they should. Don’t get me wrong, you might also get people who will speak so much nonsense about you and try surround you with all their negative energy where you have the mind set that they deserve every bad thing to come their way. Now that mind-set really doesn’t have the slightest effect on them, however it does on you. No matter what you do, how many good people you are surrounded by how much of a good time you might be having as soon as you see that person or hear their name you know you are no longer happy.

Why are you letting someone who you do not wish to have in your life, be in control of your happiness? You don’t like them yet you are giving them such importance. They are not the one making you unhappy, you are making yourself feel that way. Putting the blame on others is always the easiest thing to do in life. All that you’re feeling towards the person, all the bad energy is just coming back to you. It’s doing you no good today and will do you no good tomorrow.

We are all different, so its obvious we can’t all get along. However, if you see that person is doing something good or well for themselves and you aren’t really in the shoes to compliment them then just speak about it positively for even a minute. A minute is nothing compared to the hours one can spend gossiping about others. You’ll be surprised at how good that one-minute can make you feel as a person.

Talking about others can always be a good laugh but it also reflects who you are as a person.


4 thoughts on “Hatred for others

  1. This is absolutely true, my dad recently told me a story about a ugly monk but when people reflect on his image he doesn’t mind because he does not have hatred in his heart only seeing the beauty behind others is already a winning mind


  2. Hello Ramjot,

    I came across your blog accidentally a couple of months ago at work while searching for something completely unrelated.

    Just wanted to let you know that I find your blogs to be very inspirational and that you should continue writing! You are a very positive person and it hurts that you have stopped.

    Liked by 1 person

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