Relationship gone wrong

In a relationship the most important part is that you are happy every single day, yes every relationship has their ups and downs arguments but those shouldn’t ever make you feel like you’re alone, angry? Sad? Yes, but alone in the sense you feel the person does not care, understand or support you in any shape or form then you will never be happy in that relationship. That is when you need to realise that this relationship will just not work in the long run, one of the mistakes we tend to make is that we think we can make it work and maybe you can but by doing what? Changing that person or who you are? Well that’s the biggest mistake we can make. You don’t need to change yourself and you shouldn’t ever be changing the person, we are all different, have different needs and way of living life. We can’t decide how one should live their life, what is wrong and right.

All we need to focus on is what we want what we need in a person. If you are not happy with someone don’t hold that person to be the only person on earth. Don’t we all see people on social media putting all guys or women down just because of one? Not everyone is the same, you just have to give the right person a chance instead of jumping in a relationship with the wrong one every time. If you really want to find love don’t jump into a relationship, put your time into getting to know the person, get to know who they really are.

Most importantly focus on YOU; finding the right person shouldn’t be your goal. Your goal is to be everything you want to be, be true to who you are and work on yourself. You do not need a person to be the reason for your happiness; you need someone to love you for whom you are, for that you need to love yourself before someone else can love you.

We only attract more of what we are; let’s work on ourselves to attract that right person that we want to see and have by our side.


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