Forgiving others

Others have hurt us all, whether that’s emotionally or physically. It becomes very hard to like that person and in some cases we don’t even like to hear that specific individuals name again, yet we will always talk about the pain they put us through. We will always be thinking about it, sometimes without realising and relating it to different situations, that mostly wont have anything to do with it but we think and feel it does.

For as long as you do that no one but YOU are hurting yourself and not just hurting yourself, you are holding yourself back from so much in life. How someone hurt you, you didn’t deserve to be hurt like that, but by holding onto the pain for a long period of time you will start to lose confidence in yourself and change who you are. Don’t let anyone do that to you, one thing we all have to remember is every single person has been hurt at some point in their life, worse than others.

Forgiving is never easy, but you have to do it for yourself. Forgive the person so that you can move on in your life. Bad things happen to the best of us, how you deal with them how you react towards the situation is what makes you, YOU. You are strong enough to forgive and not hold the person down for rest of your life. It might have just been a bad time not a bad person, and the bad got the best of the situation that you were in. Don’t let your life revolve around that for years and years to come.

Let the pain go, the only way you can do that is by focusing on that person who hurt you and rather than holding all the hate, think about the times they may have made you smile or the time before they hurt you. Think and remember them as that person. Thinking about another as a bad person or wishing bad on them isn’t what you should ever be doing. We can’t judge anyone; there is always more to what we know about someone.

Accept ones mistakes, forgive and move on.

“Remember that feeling resentment, anger, or any negative emotion attracts it back to you. Feeling love attracts love back to you. What you are feeling for another, you are bringing to you”


One thought on “Forgiving others

  1. and sorry, i’m commenting so many times, but try not to comment, otherwise people will get to know, that i’m writing for you. let’s keep it a secret my, love for a while? because well, they will stalk you and stuff. so i dont want that.
    🙂 and hey, you can delete the comments and reply to just one.


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