Tomorrow might never come

In todays day and age, everything has become about us, we only care about what we want, what we want to do. We think we care about others around us, but no we don’t. It seems we take everything for granted these days, never appreciate anything that we have in our lives, we treat it like its nothing special and everyone has it? It’s only till the moment that we lose it, we realise what it meant to us and how it played such a big part in our lives and nothing is ever going to be the same again without it.

By others, I am referring to our families or anyone who is by our side through everything, we aren’t ever really thankful to them. It is so easy to say thank you to a complete stranger than the people we love the most. What they do for us, well we treat it like they’re meant to be doing that for us. Be it fathers day or mother days how many of us really say I love you to our mum or dad? Only a few, but everyone will be saying it on social media. How we look on social media seems to mean more than our parents, our loved ones. Say thank you to your parents say I love you to them, because what they do for you no one else could. Don’t ever treat family like they’re going to be around forever, because you don’t know what tomorrow holds. The love and feelings you hold for someone or something, be it anything express it today, as you may never get the chance to tomorrow.

What made me write this is the loss of my uncle (my phufarji) who has passed away today, but the family is out in India, which just makes everything even more hurtful, knowing that you can’t be there with them and let them know you are there for them through this hard time. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must have felt to lose your husband, your dad right in front of your eyes, forever. R.I.P PhufarJi

Appreciate what you have, be thankful for everything. Don’t focus on the things that you don’t have in your life, be more thankful towards what you do. Believe me you will find you have everything once you start realising everything you’re surrounded by. Put your phone down look around and see what you have, main reason why we are always thinking we haven’t got enough is because we are too busy comparing ourselves to someone else and most probably on social media to the things that don’t actually mean anything.

Put your loved ones first.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow might never come

  1. It’s a nice message to the people who takes family for granted and for those who realize but don’t express. I liked it..Keep it up Ramjot


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